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The Iconic Bronze Luxury Back Applicator is a revolutionary tanning tool that is designed to help you achieve a flawless, streak-free tan even in hard-to-reach areas. This luxury applicator is the perfect solution for anyone who struggles to apply self-tanner to their back or other tricky spots, helping you achieve an even, glowing tan with ease.

Our Iconic Bronze Luxury Back Applicator has been developed with premium quality materials to gently glide over your skin, distributing self-tanner evenly and seamlessly. The long handle allows you to reach all the areas of your back, ensuring that every inch of your skin receives an even coat of tanning solution.

Say goodbye to patchy and uneven tans with the Iconic Bronze Luxury Back Applicator. It eliminates the frustration and hassle of trying to reach those tricky spots on your own, leaving you with a perfectly sun-kissed glow every time.

Care instructions:

Machine wash or hand wash. Hang up to dry.­ Do not bleach.

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